Little Big Town – “Shut Up Train” Music Video Premier


The four-piece band consistently intrigues listeners with their distinctive sound, and the premier of their music video, Shut Up Train, is no different.  Behind the scenes footage

The group chose to shoot the entire video in timeless black and white and the lead vocalist in this song, Karen Fairchild steals the screen.  Literally, her face takes up the screen for 3/4 of the video – good think she’s pretty.

Fairchild told the Huffington Post that, “It was lonely and uncomfortable, which is exactly what it needed to be.”

The other three band members are like ghosts in the background, floating in and adding a haunting harmony.

“I’m reminded of the the way I feel, just like that cold black steel, getting crushed by your wheels tonight,” is a line that pulls the song together and really reflects the frustrating sorrow in her expression.  A memorable look that captures attention best when the camera holds three beats longer than her final note.

This video has the same feel of Sugarland’s Stay.  Though I think Jennifer Nettle’s performance is twice as powerful, LBT truly makes their lyrics come alive.


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