Lovin’ on Luke


I touched Luke Bryan and didn’t let go.

Well, until he politely shook off my death grip to continue his concert, which was fine because he was incredible live.  Now I’m just confused because he knew exactly where I was sitting and didn’t come find me after the show.  I was waiting on one knee ready to pop the question, head to Vegas, and flip the words of his song, “Do I.”

While I wait for him to file for divorce, I’ve been obsessing over him and figured I could share the fun facts I’ve learned along the way.  So, this post is devoted to everything about Luke.

Five Seven Favorite Songs

7.  All My Friends Say

6.  Rain is a Good Thing

5.  We Rode in Trucks

4.  If You Ain’t Here to Party

3. Too Damn Young

2. Love in a College Town

1. Drunk on You

Latest on LBTV

Fun Facts

– Son of a peanut farmer

– Is gaga for Gaga… ???

– Married (ugh) with 2 kids

– Born in Leesberg, Georgia

– 35-years-old

– His fan club is called the “Nut House”

– Quoted in a CMT article: “Floatin’ down the FlintRiver and doing some fishing’ that makes me feel like me.”

What’s not to love?


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