Dunn Worrying


For the first two years of my college career, calling dad for our weekly 3 minute (tops) phone conversation started and ended with:

a. So, journalism major, huh?

b. Don’t you think a business degree would be a good background to have?

c. What exactly is a journalist?

d. Whatever you want to do hun, but just know that you have to pay rent if you move back home.

e. All the above.

Now that I’m in my third year, dad doesn’t bring up my major anymore.  I hope it’s because he trusts my decision and knows that I can succeed, but more than likely it’s because he doesn’t want me to change majors and wind up at college longer than the four years (or less, ha) I promised I’d graduate in.  Just because he’s not asking/pressuring/annoying me about it, doesn’t mean it’s not at the top of my “Things to Stress Over” list.  In fact, it makes my “Most Afraid Of” list right under snakes and guns.  My dream job changes more than my outfit and – my bedroom floor as my witness – is too often.

With a recession reminding all of us that the job market isn’t ideal, it scares me to think that I might have grab the first job offered, even if it isn’t the career path I want to start walking down.  Considering my post-grad housing situation I’ll be paying rent no matter what, so waiting around for something perfect (assuming I can figure out what that is) isn’t an option.  And my fallback of finding Mr. Wonderful and learning how to cook really isn’t really working out for me – that oven contraption is confusing with all of those knobs.

I know that stressing about a job isn’t an original thought.  BREAKING NEWS: College Kids Everywhere Want a Future! Oh wait, that was last weeks top story.

Here’s what it should be:

BREAKING NEWS: Stop whining!  You’re 20-years-old and need to struggle a little bit in life to be successful at anything so get over yourself!

And if my news flash to myself wasn’t enough, Ronnie Dunn’s lyrics helped me out a bit…

Oh right, this world is bigger than me.  There are adults who have already established themselves in their career who have lost it all and they have more to pay for than pizza at 2 a.m.  We all are struggling, or know somebody struggling during these economic times, but even with songs like these that dwell on the hardships, they remind us that we are in this together.  But this song needs to stretch further than that and give perspective to those lacking – nobody is above working to make ends meet.  That grocery bagger, gas station employee, and department store salesclerk have kids to feed and a past we know nothing about.

It’s about time to call my dad for our 3 minute conversation and thank him for his hard work, huh?

More where that came from:

Made in America – Toby Keith

Shuttin’ Detroit Down – John Rich

Red, White, and Pink Slip Blues – Hank Williams Jr.


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