Hank’s Getting Rowdy


Who’s ready for some controversy? Who’s ready for some overreaction? Who’s ready to get over it?

Because, I’m ready for some football.

Hank Williams Jr. compared Obama to Hitler (cue gasp) and said Obama and Biden are the “enemy” during an interview with Fox and Friends. In a weeks time this video went viral and the biggest backlash came from ESPN’s decision to yank Hank’s promo song for Monday Night Football – a twenty year tradition.

The back and fourth banter between the free speech fighters and Williams’ whiners are expected, but the overall discussion isn’t about what was blabbed in the interview. Instead, the dilemma is the choice pull the promo video.

In an article written in USA Today, columnist Michael Hiestand claims that, “TV sports is supposed to be comfort food, a separate world in which viewers don’t have to think about anything that gives them indigestion in real life.” While some people eat up this kind of drama for dessert, I just don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Do I think he had grounds to make a claim like that? Of course not. But, he’s a singer, not a political guru or a hypnotist. If Hank Williams Jr. convinced you that Obama and Hitler are practically the same person, we have much, much bigger issues than the intro to a football game. If he wants to make a fool out of himself – let him. Hank has always been an outspoken celebrity and last Monday did not mark the first time he said something off the wall, his voice still rang as beer was poured in preparation of kickoff.

Entertainers are people, they have opinions. Should they be held to a higher standard? I’m not so sure. While they should hold themselves accountable and understand the wrath of their following, we need hold ourselves accountable and make our own, informed decisions.

Let’s be honest, the real problem here is that people are worrying about Hank’s mouth when they should be celebrating the Bears loss.


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