Celeb Spell Check


I’m going to honest, I’m a terrible speller.  The red squiggly line frequents my computer screen highlighting the fact that I never used Hooked on Phonics.  And, apparently the Leapfrog Speller Santa gave me in 7th grade didn’t do the trick, because I just tried spelling “phonics” 5 different ways before I had to google it.  However, I do know how to spell “college,” a word Miranda Lambert does not. 

While I was ignoring my law lecture and stalking twitter accounts instead, I saw these three tweets in a row by Miranda Lambert on October 24.

“Showing pics on phone of where the sonic used to be when they were in collage ad now it’s a parking lot. That is sad I love sonic.”

“I can’t even spell college! (collage) hahahaha that’s why I didn’t go. What a D bag. Sorry y’all thanks for listening. Done:)…hahaha

“PS to write songs you just have to know how to sing the words not spell them. So there! Kids of the World… go to “collage”:)!

I know it’s only 140 characters, but she didn’t use even one of those characters to make sense.

Let’s review the problems here:

  • Doesn’t capitalize “sonic”
  • Spelled “college” wrong
  • Spelled “and” wrong
  • I think she forgot some sort of punctuation between “That is sad,” and “I love sonic”
  • She calls herself a D bag (…)
  • We aren’t “listening,” we are reading
  • Is “Kids of the World” a book?
Part of me has a new appreciation for my education.  And then, with the same education, I did the math.  The probability of my future including a celebrity husband and billboard hits like Lambert are relatively small.  The jealousy and curiosity got the best of me.  So, I figured I should know what kind of education the rest of my life counselors have.  I mean, I do listen to their advice on a daily basis.
Here’s what I found about some of my favorites: 
Miranda Lambert: No college

Blake Shelton No college

Brad Paisley: Graduated from Belmont University

Taylor Swift: No College

Carrie Underwood: Received a degree in mass communications at Northeastern State College

Jason Aldean: No College

Brantley Gilbert: Started studying to become a relationship counselor before he got into a car accident and dropped out to pursue his dream of being a singer.

Kenny Chesney: East Tennessee State University

Faith Hill: Started attending a community college in Mississippi

Tim McGraw: University of Louisiana at Monroe

Craig Morgan: No college.

Chris Cagle: Attended University of Texas at Arlington for one year

Eric Church: Graduated with a degree in marketing form Appalachian State University

Garth Brooks: Went to Oklahoma State University on a track scholarship

Jake Owen: Attended Florida State University

Trace Adkins: Attended Louisiana Tech University where he played football

Jennifer Nettles: Attended Agnes Scott College, a liberal arts school in Georgia


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