Dear Mr. Shelton


Dear Mr. Shelton,

792,315 people currently follow you on Twitter, and I’m one of them – but I don’t need to tell you that, do I?  You seem to be quite familiar with how to use 140 characters to speak to your mind.  That’s what social networking is for, isn’t it?  To have the ability to create an online presence however we want.  Yes, most people can do that, but you are not most people.

You’ve been awarded the CMA for “Best Male Vocalist” the last two years and just received an AMA for “Favorite Male Artist” for country music.  Your latest singles have shot to the top of the charts, and your fans are cheering for you and Miranda.  You, Mr. Shelton, are not most people.  You are in the spotlight, and you have a responsibility to the country music world and those who look up to you.

I’ve been a fan ever since I heard the song, “The Baby,” and my mom cried.  There’s a good chance “Austin” is on every single of my playlists, and like everybody else, “Honeybee” was the sound of my summer.  And now, I really want to like “God Gave Me You,” but I can’t.  I can’t listen to you or watch you, and take you seriously.  I can’t understand how somebody that sings such beautiful lyrics can turn around and write such disgusting and inappropriate comments.

I get it, you say outrageous things, aren’t afraid to toss around four-letter words, and you certainly don’t shy away from controversy.  You gain followers, but not necessarily fans.  You have support, but not the right kind.  Soon enough, your act will get old, and the shock value will wear off.  Sure, your tactic is obviously working.  I mean, I don’t turn your songs off when they come on the radio, and I still follow you on Twitter.  But your success shouldn’t be based on the number of people you reach for a second, it should be measured by the words that stay with them for a lifetime.  You are in a position to leave an incredible legacy, and your choosing to taint it for a few giggles.  Country music is genuine, and while I appreciate your “tweeting” honesty, I now think your songs are phony.

I wish you all the best, and a reality check. #justsomethingtothinkabout



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