Country Music

It’s simple and free

It’s memories and dreams

It’s smiles and frowns

It’s fourth quarter touchdowns

It’s high school pride

It’s a spring break tide

It’s cheesy and cliché

It’s not all about hay

It’s stories and signs

It’s more beers than wines

It’s chances and risks

It’s homemade cake mix

It’s bags and bonfires

It’s the John Deer drivers

It’s watching for rain

It’s talk about campaigns

It’s dirt roads and back roads

It’s how they carry truckloads

It’s girls in tight jeans

It’s you at fifteen

It’s boys in plaid

Now, how can that be bad?


Honestly, if I had a speck of musical talent running through my veins, I could pair that column of rhymes with a guitar and make a country song.  It’s not about the complexity of the chord or the insanely difficult high note; it’s the exact opposite.  It’s the simplicity of it all.  It’s about you and me and what we do everyday.  My love for country music is confirmed every time the radio knows more about me than I do.  It’s that moment when I hear a line of a song and think, “me too!”  Seriously, I want to know how the songwriters in Nashville got my journal and stole all my good material.

I want this blog to give readers the same, “me too” feeling.  In a world of high stress and constant challenges, the message behind country music helps us breath.

I live in a house with 50 motivated, talented, and beautiful girls.  No pressure.  I’ve learned to use country music as a self-check: What matters? What’s genuine? Where do I come from?  Where am I going?  It’s a quick reminder that there is a world beyond missing tank tops, botched recruitment songs, and boy bashing.  So this blog is my attempt at loosening my sorority letters to live the country lifestyle.  By incorporating the morals and values country lyrics provide to my day-to-day life, I hope to gain clarity in my future and myself.  Who’s with me?


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